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To thrive in business today, a company must become faster and better at delivering customer value. Often, the source of this needed competitive edge comes through technology. In just a few years, the landscape has shifted from one largely dominated by desktop computers, to one where either smart phones or tablets have become the device of choice for many users.

This shift has created a huge potential for companies willing to invest in smart application development and integration. With these new kinds of applications, field reps can instantly report back data. Work can be performed on an airplane and immediately synched upon landing. Smart devices can report usage over time. Big data can be processed to help understand trends and see opportunities.

Case Study

A startup with a big idea, but limited budget needsdevelopment help, and fast!

A startup with a unique idea for crowdfunding political donations was referred to Agents of Value. The founder had already started working together with another web development agency, but came to a standstill over issues related to intellectual property ownership, and project budget.

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Areas of Expertise

Cloud Application Development

Cloud computing has taken the world by storm. Applications that previously would only be considered by large enterprises with huge budgets are now within the scope of possibility for smaller organizations. Applications become scalable from a few users to millions. Development becomes easier and more repeatable. Big data becomes accessible and manageable.

Mobile Application Solutions

The field of mobile application development is changing rapidly. Talk to us before you start your next project. We can help to clarify your requirements and consider the tradeoffs among the top application development platforms.

Complex Web Application Development

Most application development these days is complex. Data is piped in from various disparate sources, and reported back in real time. Send us your project requirements that have made other consultants turn green. We love it!

Embedded Systems Development

Agents of Value is the strategic software development partner to a leading supply chain and store mapping technology company.

Agile Development

It’s easier to get organizational buy in and support when projects can show quick returns. Agile development focuses development on short 2 to 3 week cycles.