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Virtual Staffing Solutions

Want to be hands off? Consider using the Agents of Value project development team. Give us your requirements, and our team of experts will create wireframes, mockups, and a development schedule.

Hire Full Time Virtual Employees at Agents of Value

With virtual staffing, we help our clientele to quickly build dedicated teams of employees. Hiring new staff can be time consuming, risky and expensive. With a virtual staffing solution, new team members can be added in as quickly as a few days time. New team members can start on a trial basis. When they prove their ability to handle work assignments, they move to become regular team members and assume additional responsibility.

  • Watch a video about how we recruit and hire great staff in the Philippines
  • Scan through the portfolios of the available agents listed below
  • Choose your agent by clicking on the Hire button found on their profile
  • Once you've made your selection, a contact form will allow you to provide us key information about your specific needs and requirements
  • Our Account Manager will get in touch with you quickly to arrange an interview with the selected agents
  • After finalizing the team and signing the Services Agreement, you can immediately start working with your Agents

How AoV, A Philippines Outsourcing Company, Hires Skilled Workers


build your own team

Agents of Value makes it easy to put together a great team. Use the AoV Team Building app below to scan through Agents that are available to work immediately. Click on their picture to view their featured skills and the link to their portfolio. You can drag and drop Agents to your Team Builder.

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Virtual Assistants

Our Virtual Assistants have a broad range of skill sets to help you out with personal as well professional matters. They can provide an extra hand to ease up your work load. Virtual assistants will act as your business assistant without the benefit of being in the same office, building, state, or even country you're in.

AOV Virtual Assistant Tasks:

  1. Managing client correspondence
  2. Organizing and tracking schedule, meetings and appointments
  3. Gathering and analyzing data, creating reports
  4. Project management
  5. Providing personal and business support for clients

Front end Developers

You can hire full time dedicated designers/front end developers from us, to create beautiful websites, logos, and graphics. They use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, and Adobe Illustrator to create high impact web graphics. They can convert image templates into HTML and CSS based websites. Many of our front end developers have experience working with leading open source content management systems, like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

AOV Front end Developer Tasks:

  1. Site Administrator's Tasks
  2. Servers Setup
  3. Domain Registry and Setup
  4. Website Creation and Customization using CMS
  5. Create graphics for web use

Back end Developers

You can hire development staff from us, to build and maintain apps, web applications and other software systems. Our developers can use modern programming languages like C#, Ruby, Python, PHP and Javascript. Our agents are also familiar with the use of version control software such as Git or SVN and you'll be provided with daily reports and source code updates.

AOV Developer Tasks:

  1. Builds and maintains dynamic and purpose-driven software
  2. Software maintenance and quality assurance
  3. Creating applications or programs